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Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cake hole.

Sam Winchester
2 May
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This journal is the fictional journal for Sam Winchester (Supernatural), employed by the Phoenix Foundation (phoenixfndrpg).

Name: Samuel Nathan Winchester (Sam)
Age: 26
Race: Human
Occupation: Hunter
Origin: Supernatural

Strengths/Abilities: Sam was fed the blood of the demon Azazel when he was six months old, giving him psychic abilities that manifested around age 22. At first the abilities were just very painful headaches, which soon turned into precognitive visions. Later, he gained telekinetic power, under the stress of a vision of his brother Dean's death. He is immune to the psychic powers of the other "special children" chosen by Azazel, and as he developed his power, he became immune to the attacks of demons, being part demon himself.

In addition, with the training given to him by his father, Sam is a skilled fighter, proficient with firearms, shotguns, and melee weapons, and in hand-to-hand combat. Like his brother Dean, Sam possesses many abilities that are frowned upon by law, including, but not limited to: lock picking, computer hacking, disguised conning, and car jacking. He is proficient in reading and recalling spells written in Latin, which can be used to exorcise, summon or vanquish demons.

Anything else: Sam is, by nature, gentle. He was the law student, and he is usually the researcher in any case the Winchesters take on. His experience with Azazel, and Ruby, and Lillith, and the other demons, has left him a little dark and angry, but he remains good-natured if the situation is right. He doesn't like surprises, and is slow to trust allies.

Sam is played by mistyzeo

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